Free domain name from 52 extensions when you sign up with us

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Did you know that when you sign up any of web hosting plan, you will get 1 free domain name bundled into the package. And it is not only .com, you can get to choose from 52 domain extensions. Here are the full list:

.com, .club, .bid, .men, .win, .date, .download, .party, .racing, .review, .stream, .trade, .webcam, .accountant, .company, .cricket, .faith, .feedback, .loan, .science, .click, .casa, .work, .top, .link, .one, .pw, .space, .cloud, .pictures, .xyz, .cc, .futbol, .observer, .realty, .rocks, .be, .ca,, .de, .eu, .fr, .it, .pm, .re, .tf,, .us, wf, .yt

Our web hosting customers also enjoy special pricing for more than 300 domain name extensions. Check out the available domain extensions here.