What configuration settings should I use in FTP application?

  • September 13, 2017

If you wish to use a third party FTP application to transfer files to your website, you can find your FTP configuration settings in the cPanel. Under the heading Files, click on FTP Accounts.

Scroll down to the list of FTP accounts you currently have. If there is no FTP account you may have to create a new one above. If you are not sure how, check out our video tutorial on FTP account creation. Select the FTP account you would like to use for file transfer, then click Configure FTP client to the right.

Information on manual settings and configuration files for the most popular FTP application will appear. Use these as your FTP settings.

Note that in this article we use clientexec@website.com as example, your personalized configuration settings will appear on the FTP Accounts page.

The FTP hostname to connect is usually your domain name (yourdomain.com), while the FTP server ftp.yourdomain.com, but if for some reasons it does not work, you may use the server IP address instead. This page will show you where to find your server IP.

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