August 4, 2017     0 comments has partnered with CloudFlare to offer CloudFlare services to all our customers. The basic CloudFlare services are free and suitable for most of the websites.

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Once you activate CloudFlare service for your domain, your website will become part of the CloudFlare community and your website traffic will be routed via CloudFlare's global network. CloudFlare will automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages by caching the static assets (CSS, JS and images, videos) at geographically spread data centres of CloudFlare.

Since CloudFlare will handle your requests, your website traffic will be filtered out against the unwanted requests like crawlers, spiders, malicious traffic and bots. This will save more resources to your legitimate traffic and boost your website's loading speed, security and overall performance.

To learn more about Cloudflare CDN services, you may visit

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