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Use the Default Address interface to set up a default address, or catch-all address, that receives any mail that users send to an invalid email address for the domain.

(Home >> Email >> Default Address)


This interface allows you to set up a default address (catch-all address) that receives any mail for an invalid email address for the domain. You can also define how the default address handles incoming messages.

Note: If spammers target your domain, and you forward mail to a default address, that address may receive a large amount of spam.

Set Default Address

To set a default address for your domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the domain for which you wish to set a default address.
  2. Select one of the following options:

    • Discard the email while your server processes it by SMTP time with an error message — Select this option to send an error message to the sender. Enter an error message in the Failure Message (seen by sender) text box.
    • Forward to Email Address — Select this option to forward mail to another address. Enter the email address or your cPanel account's username in the Forward to Email Address text box.

    • Click Advanced Options to view the following additional options:
      • Forward to your system account — Select this option to forward mail to the system account.
      • Pipe to a Program — Select this option to forward messages to a program at the path that you define in the available text box.

      • Discard (Not Recommended) — Select this option to delete incoming messages without a failure notice.

        Important: We do not recommend this option, because the sender will not know that the delivery failed.

  3. Click Change.

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