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(Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS Status)

Use the SSL/TLS Status interface to view, upgrade, or renew your SSL certificates.


This interface allows you to view, upgrade, or renew your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. You can also view useful information useful information each domain's SSL certificate, for example:

  • The type of certificate that secures the domain
  • When the certificate expires or expired
  • Applicable options such as View  Certificate or Upgrade Certificate
  • Graphical representation of all certificates for quick reference

You can conveniently upgrade certificates with the associated icon, or the Upgrade Certificate button. When you click either button, cPanel's SSL/TLS Wizard interface (Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS Wizard) will appear, populated by the specified domain and available certificates.

Easy mode

The banner at the top of the interface allows you to quickly purchase certificates for all unsecured domains, if such domains exist. Alternatively, you can view a list unsecured domains, and select which domains to secure. When you click Purchase Certificates, cPanel's SSL/TLS Wizard interface ( Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS Wizard)  will appear, populated by the unsecured domains and available certificates. When you click Show Unsecured Domains, the Domain list will show only unsecured domains.

Search bar and filter

The search bar allows you to filter by domain name. Enter all or part of the domain name to update the domain list. For filter options, click the filter (gears) icon.

The following table describes each filter option:

The Domains table

The Domains table displays each domain's certificate and provides options to view or upgrade the certificate.

Note: You can click on a padlock icon to upgrade your certificate.

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