Do I really need to setup domain WHOIS privacy

September 12, 2017     0 comments

It is really up to you. Every registered domain name includes the name, address and other personal information of the person who owns it. A simple WHOIS lookup can reveal this information.

If you do not require the extra privacy, having your name directly associated with your website can function like a business card. This feature can be particularly valuable for businesses, but also, unfortunately, it is equally valuable to spammers and other users with malicious intent.

WHOIS privacy is a choice to seriously consider for the following reasons:

Protecting Your information

As mentioned above, having your personal and business information publicly available online can make you the target of unsolicited attention. Whether it is spammers crawling WHOIS directories for emails, telemarketers, hackers, internet trolls, or etc. Protecting your information does not necessarily entail masking all your contact info, but it gives you control over which information you choose to share publicly.

Personal Safety

For users living in unsafe countries where crime rates is high and freedom of expression is severely curtailed, having their websites privately registered can be lifesaving.

Cyber-Squatting/Domain-Squatting Prevention

If you reserved a domain for a startup or an idea but have yet to launch the website, personal info acquired through WHOIS lookups can be very revealing. Many individuals have made astronomical profits by “domain speculation” and Domain-Squatting. Additionally, typos or domain name variations have been known to be used in duping customers into phishing operations or towards copycat sites.

Basically it helps you:

  • Protect your identity
  • Stop domain name-related spam
  • Thwart harassers and stalkers
  • End data mining
  • Maintain personal and family privacy
  • Prevent your domain from being hijacked
  • Shield legitimate entrepreneurial business endeavors

It is free to setup WHOIS privacy with us, to know how please follow the steps as described here.

We do not allow you to use our WHOIS privacy services for spamming or engaging in criminal activities. Violating these policies will result in immediate service cancellation.

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