Is PEAR provided on the server?

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Yes. PHP Extension And Application Repository (PEAR) is available on all our hosting packages.

Basically, PHP Extension and Application Repository is a structure and a distribution system for the PHP components that can be used again. The aim of PEAR is to provide with a structured library of open-source code and a method for distribution of the code along with package maintenance for the PHP users.

The code present in PEAR is partitioned in ‘packages’. Every package consists of a distinct project having its own development team, release cycle, version number, documentation and a connection with the other packages (including dependencies as well). The packages are distributed in the form of gzipped tar files consisting of a description file inside. They are installed on your local system with the use of the PEAR installer. All the PEAR packages are registered and uploaded in a central database present at The open-source third party applications can also be registered and uploaded.

What do you mean by PEAR library?

PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is an object based PHP library that consists of distinct classes for a wide range of functions comprising of database interactivity, mail, encryption, date and time, HTTP, images and much more. For instance, the HTML_form class is utilized in the automatic creation of the HTML forms. There are more useful classes that include the File class that is used for reading and writing the files present on the file system through which the PHP application is executed. One of the most interesting classes present in the PHP library is the File_Search replace class. This class finds and replaces the operations for the files where you would like to find certain strings and replace them in a specific file.

The PEAR library is extremely resourceful and robust. There is no need to use the PEAR library for connecting to and interacting with the databases, as there are in-built functions and extensions in the PHP language comprising of the object oriented PHP Data Objects Extension that is extremely easy to use.

You can find the PEAR packages on cPanel > Software > PHP PEAR Packages

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