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August 6, 2018     0 comments

You now have an active email address, but here comes a major concern for anyone with email: spam, which is a universal problem for the internet.

Billions of spam emails are sent everyday and you cannot eliminate them 100%. You can however, control spam. Spammers are getting more advanced, but so do email security providers. Our cPanel is equipped with SpamAssassin that would help you fight spam.

To turn on SpamAssassin from your cPanel, go to the heading Email and click on Spam Filters. Enable both Apache SpamAssassin and SpamBox. If you want a video demonstration on how to work with SpamAssassin, click here.

The default SpamAssassin score is 5 (out of 10). If you believe it is filtering out important emails you may set it to a lower score, or a higher one if it isn't aggressive enough in catching spams.

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