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1: Changing domain nameservers

September 13, 2017     0 comments

Note: The step below is required only if you register your domain name through a third-party registrar such as GoDaddy. If you register it with us please skip to Step 2 as we have taken care of everything.

If you wish to host a domain name purchased at another domain registrar and you don’t want to (or can’t) transfer the domain to us, then you will need to update your domain nameservers and point it to ours in order to get your website running.

To do so login your respective domain registrar and set the following nameservers on your side. All major domain registrars have different control panels but they should have information on how to change the nameservers.

When you change nameservers, you domain might still be unavailable for some time. It may take up to 24 hours (more in rare cases) in order for the local ISPs to update their DNS caches resolving your domain onto the new server. This process is called DNS propagation. Unfortunately, it cannot be influenced or sped up due to its automatic nature.

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