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2: Creating a Website

September 13, 2017     0 comments

You can view your website even before the DNS propagation is complete. If it is already completed you can just type in your domain URL (yourdomain.com) directly. By default the new website will have our automated placeholder page:

And don't worry, we will not plaster our marks all over your website. This welcome page is the only one and it is automatic. Nothing from us will show up again. You can safely delete the page (index.htm) and its folder welcome in public_html. Replace it with your own website files.

If you have an existing website and we are transferring it for you, consider the job done. But if you want to build a new website here are some of the options how you can do it:

  • Hire us to build a website
  • If you already have your website files ready, you can upload them to your hosting account via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • or upload the files through the File Manager feature on cPanel
  • Create a fully-functional website with Softaculous app installer on cPanel

If you have no idea what to do with your website at the moment and don't want to use our placeholder page, it is possible to quickly create an under-construction page by following the steps here.

The next few pages will show you how to upload your files with FTP, upload your files with File Manager, and how to build website with Softaculous.

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