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5: Set up cPanel preferences

September 13, 2017     0 comments

The cPanel is a web hosting control panel where you will most probably spend a lot of time managing your website. By default we have setup everything and there is not much more to change. You can however, specify your preferences. This can be done under the heading Preferences or click on your username left of the bell icon.

1. Password & Security allows you to change your cPanel password. You will need the old (current) password however. If you have forgotten your password you should reset it here.

2. Contact Information is where you can enter your email contact (an external email, not your cPanel @yourdomain.com email. This is for us to contact you just in case the server goes down). Leave An access token for Pushbullet empty if you don't have it. You can also set what notifications you would like to receive from the system. Untick all if you do not wish to receive any notification.

3. Change Language enables you to change the language of cPanel. Your cPanel can be displayed in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Malay and more. English is the default language. Note that the cPanel snowmen language is just for fun and is not recommended to be used.

4. If you have more than one webmasters who manage the website, User Manager comes in handy. You can add users by which they will have their own separate login credentials to login the cPanel.

5. That is pretty much everything for the preferences. If you want to reset your cPanel interface settings to the default values, click on Reset Page Settings (from the username left of the bell icon).

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