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7: Manage your billing

September 17, 2017     0 comments

Our cPanel is the place you log in to when you need to manage your website. What cPanel lacks however, is the ability to do anything billing related, such as checking your invoice, registering for a new domain name, ordering new plan, etc. That's where the Client Center steps in, and which we will go through in this article.

You can login your Client Center at this page. It will bring you to the Dashboard.

  1. Latest Announcement will show you the list of current and past announcements from our company.
  2. Account Statistics summarizes the status of your account. Due Invoice balance is how much you need to pay, while Account Credit Balance is the remaining credit you have. You can apply your credit balance to the next invoice.
  3. Open Support Tickets is the number of support tickets that remain unresolved.
  4. Order ID and Description are the list of products and services you have ordered from us. When you approach us for support, simply state your Order ID# and we will know your purchase details. From the Actions button you can cancel your package. The Client Center is linked to cPanel, you can also access your cPanel here.
  5. Outstanding Invoices are the invoices you need to pay. Our system auto-generates invoices 7 days before expiration date (and will also email it to you). We will appreciate if you can settle the invoice as soon as possible.

For starters, there is not much to do now except if you want to edit your personal details and payment method. The payment method is set when you sign up with us but it can be changed. To do so go to Billing > Edit Payment Method. Here you can specify a new payment method.

If you wish to modify your personal details, go to the welcome message on the top right > Edit Profile.

If you have more than one people in charge of the website and wish everyone to receive billing notifications, add their emails into the Secondary Emails. The system will automatically add more rows after you added in the last one and click Update.

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