Do you offer Dedicated IPs?

  • August 16, 2017

As our server technologies advance, we are putting our Dedicated IPs offer under review. This may come as a surprise, given some of the misinformation on the Internet, but we don’t want to sell you something you don’t need, and because of this, we want to ensure that everyone is educated in the facts behind dedicated IP addresses.

There are many reasons you may think you need a dedicated IP address, and we’ve outlined the most popular reasons along with more information why you most likely do not need a dedicated IP.

1. To ensure that your email deliverability is not affected by neighboring sites

=> With shared hosting, there are other accounts sharing one mail server. This means that one spammer can get everyone on that IP address blocked by a blacklist. A dedicated IP does not help with emails being blacklisted. Email always uses the shared IP, even if you buy a dedicated IP. The only way to get a dedicated IP for emails is to buy a Dedicated server or VPS plan. constantly monitor our IP range for possible blacklisting and will resolve in a moment's notice of any blacklists.

2. To boost your SEO ranking

=> It has been confirmed by various sources, including Google themselves, that a dedicated IP address will not affect your SEO in any way. 

3. For your SSL certificate

=> We now support a technology called Server Name Indication or SNI. This means that our servers are able to intelligently serve the correct SSL certificate for the domain name being requested. Dedicated IPs is no longer a necessity to install SSL certificate.

The only reason you might need to add a dedicated IP address to your shared hosting account is that you want to access your hosting account by an IP address instead of its domain name.

On the other hand, the internet is running out of IPv4 addresses and is adopting IPv6. We are working to implement support for the next-generation IP technology, IPv6. Until then our Dedicated IPs are temporarily unavailable.

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