Web Hosting

To make your website accessible on the internet, you will need a web server. You will have to fork out thousands to buy the server, and hundreds every year on maintenance, on electricity consumption and on software licenses. You will need to allocate a considerable amount of time to manage the server, and also to deal with any potential hardware and security issues.

For many, this is too much of a hassle, which is why most website owners turn to web hosting companies. It works like this, web hosting providers such as Website.com.bn have our own fleet of servers, and we rent out some space on our servers to host your website… at a monthly fee of course. Since they are our servers, we will also take care of all other technical backend concerns, giving you more peace of mind in running your website.

Our shared webhosting plans are popular among startups and small-medium websites. For those who have grown beyond that (congratulations!) and require more server sophistication or CPU/RAM resources, we are currently trial-testing our Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server, which should be available soon.

Need to Know More?

Research shows that only 28% of the average internet users read a webpage with more than 593 words. We will therefore keep everything short, simple and straightforward.

If you need to know more, please check out our knowledge base, our social media pages or just contact us directly. We're friendly! :)