Web Maintenance Plans

Our web maintenance packages compared. Cart is by far the most popular plan, though the choice is entirely based on your needs.

Details / Specification Cart

Rail Aero
Monthly Updates 2 4 8
Monthly Allocated Hours 3 7 11
Website Diagnostics Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Response Time

?Despite the timeframe, we will always respond to all requests as soon as we can

24 Hrs 12 Hrs 6 Hrs
Web Hosting Included
Social Media Posting

?We will post updates to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

3 Platforms 5 Platforms
Free Website Consultation
Hosting Quota Waiver

?If you host your website with us, the quota limitation on email and database would be waived

Package Roll-Over

?Unused hours can be carried forward to the next month

Hardcopy Updates

?We will accept files in non-digital formats and go through the conversion process to upload them onto the website

monthly or B$294 a year
monthly or B$535 a year
monthly or B$787 a year

Service Overview

The tasks we perform on your website. Click Other Tasks to see the full list of things we do.

Content Updating

Need some updates on your website? Just send us the instructions and most of the times it will be done within 24 hours.

Website Monitoring

No more technical headache. Our technicians will monitor your website and sort out all issues that may arise.

Affordable Pricing

We work at a very competitive price. At B$6.50/hour, our rate is cheaper than most programmers from the top outsourcing countries.

Other Tasks

Even if you don’t update your website, there are a list of tasks we will always do to ensure the website stays in good shape.