Maintenance Service Overview

Our web maintenance plans are best suited for organizations that do not have designated IT staff to manage their website due to budgeting or workload. To summarize the services in a simple sentence, we will manage, update, enhance, backup and repair your website at a low monthly price, thereby allowing you to focus on other more important aspects of your business.

All essential tasks are covered to ensure your website is properly cared for and managed. The tasks include, but are not limited to:

Content. Adding, updating or deleting any texts, pictures, videos, news/events, links, files and documents on your website (content is to be provided from your side)

Pages. Adding, updating or deleting new pages for the website

Social Media. Social media postings (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) for Rail (up to 3 platforms) and Aero plan (5 platforms) subscribers

Free Website Consultation. Technical consultation (physical or online meeting) for Rail (1 time a year) and Aero plan (up to 2 times a year) subscribers

File Backups. Monthly files and databases backup for Cart and weekly backup for Rail and Aero

Technical SEO. Optimizing file names and URLs, updating meta tag, sitemap generation and search engine submissions

Minor Graphics Change. Changing colors, text size, fonts, logo, CSS or page layouts

Script Updates. Update software version (such as WordPress) and other third-party plugin patches on the website

cPanel Management. Manage email accounts, databases, domain and files through your webhosting cPanel account

Tuneups / Optimization. Fix broken links, optimize database, file and image sizes, enhance page loading speed and clean out spam

Website security. Protection against spams, hackers and other intrusion attacks, regular virus / malware check, and restore hacked site

Error Monitoring. Daily Monitoring of your website for downtime, issues or other alerts

Traffic Report. Monthly compilation on traffic statistics and details of visitor information

Our web maintenance plans however, cannot be used for the following tasks:

Staff IT Training. We cannot train your staff how to design the website, how to use Microsoft Office, how to do programming, or conducting lessons for other IT expertise

Website Redesign. You cannot use the services for heavy graphics design or for a total makeover of your website

Application Development. We cannot develop new apps for your website. Anything that involves major programming changes will require a new, separate service

Copywriting. We don’t write content or articles for website. It has to be provided from your side

Online Marketing. You can advertise your website in Facebook, Google Adwords or other platforms, but that would be under your own expenses

From time to time work requests are going to fall within the “gray area”. In such cases, requests will be considered on a case-by-basis, and will make every effort to accommodate them and to work with you to ensure the projects are handled quickly and appropriately.

How It Works

We love to simplify everything. It is very easy to work with us. Period. The 4 steps below sum up everything.

1. Order Our Plan

Choose one of our maintenance plans that best fit your needs. You can upgrade or downgrade the plan at the end of every billing cycle.

2. Request Changes

Send your requests anytime through the Client Center, email or IM messages. We will get the jobs done within reasonable timeframe.

3. Review and Approve

We will let you know once the work is completed so you can review the changes to ensure everything is up to your satisfaction.

4. Done!

As soon as you approve the changes it will go live on the website. We also backup everything just in case you change your minds.