3: Creating email accounts

  • September 13, 2017
Now that you have your website working, you might want to create some email accounts. This is especially important for companies as you probably want to take control of your brand's reputation and set up a professional you@yourdomain.com rather than using free email addresses.

You can create new email accounts on your cPanel, under the heading Emails > Email Accounts. Our Value plan allows you to setup 50 email accounts, and unlimited for Ecommerce and Enterprise.  To learn how to create email accounts, check out the video demonstration on this page.

Note that for security reasons your password strength must be greater than 60 to proceed.

You may also link your email accounts with your desktop application like MS Outlook, your tablet or your mobile device so you can read emails there. Tick "Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions" and the system will send you instructions on how to do so. We will go through that on the next page.

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