4: Bypassing email quota

  • September 13, 2017

Our email storage quota for Value, Ecommerce and Enterprise plans are set at 1GB, 5GB and 15GB respectively. This is adequate for average usage. Some accounts however, have many email users and might need more.

You can bypass our email quota through syncing your webmail with Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail. It is possible to receive your you@yourdomain.com mails in any of the 2 email platforms. It is also possible to send out emails from the 2 platforms and yet the recipient still see the mail as coming from you@yourmail.com. Below are the steps on how to configure it:

Gmail provides each email account with up to 15GB of free storage space, Outlook 50GB and Yahoo Mail 1TB, that is ‘6,000 years’ of inbox for the average user. Syncing allows you to utilize the combined functionalities of your webmail and some of the world's most popular email platforms.

Note: Yahoo Mail no longer support syncing email accounts from all except their own Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook and AOL Mail. We will update this article when it is available again.

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