Activate Cloudflare to speed up your website and protect against DDoS attacks

Posted by admin in Technical on April 16, 2018 with No Comments

How to protect your website from DDos attacks and how to ensure it loads at optimal speed to anyone from any regions in the world?

All accounts are integrated with Cloudflare by default. Cloudflare is a world’s leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) and internet security service provider.

What Cloudflare does is basically to protect and accelerate your website. Your web traffic is routed through their intelligent global network. For instance, if a visitor to your website comes from Asia, they will be routed to Cloudflare nearest networks in Asia, the same for other regions. Cloudflare has distributed network in over 150 locations across the planet. This enhances loading speed.

In addition, Cloudflare’s automatic detection and security algorithm also block threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from attacking your website. The result is a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

Activating Cloudflare can be done in your cPanel. It is free and takes only 2-5 minutes. To learn how, read more at this page.