VPS and Dedicated Server

For the majority of our customers, owners of small-medium websites, our standard shared hosting plans are more than sufficient. There are however, some who have grown far and wide, fetching millions of visits every month, or needing to process a huge amount of user requests everyday, thereby requiring more CPU and RAM resources. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server would then be the solution.

For non-techies, let us explain the differences through a housing analogy. Shared hosting is like renting a room in a house. You have your own private space (website) but you share the kitchen, living room and bathroom (server resources) with others. VPS is like living in a condo, you have your own kitchen, living room and bathroom but you share the same building (server). Dedicated Server on the other hand, is like an independent house with your own land (having the entire server dedicated to your website).

Across the global web hosting industry, around 70% of all websites run on shared hosting platform. It is generally the most economical option for website hosting, but like a private room, at some point you will hit the limitations. Websites that have grown big and sophisticated may find such limitations restrictive.

At the moment, we are finalizing a market demand survey, crafting an optimal package and trial-testing our future VPS and Dedicated Server plans. They should be available as part of our services soon.

Need to Know More?

Research shows that only 28% of the average internet users read a webpage with more than 593 words. We will therefore keep everything short, simple and straightforward.

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