All webhosting accounts equipped with R1Soft

Posted by admin in General on December 30, 2017 with No Comments

All our webhosting packages are equipped with R1Soft. This is a very useful automatic backup and restore feature many of our users overlooked. So how does it work?

Sometimes you may unintentionally delete an important file, causing the entire website to go into error. It is also possible that while you are working on your website, something goes wrong, and you did not have backup files. Moreover, in case of hardware and system failure, malware and virus, hacking, human error, or other unanticipated events, your files might get corrupted or wiped out in the process.

This is where R1Soft comes handy. It automatically creates daily backups and allow instant restore of your website files. In short, you can easily retrieve your lost files or nurse your website back to its pre-error state in just few minutes. The R1Soft feature is available on our cPanel under the Files heading.

To learn how to restore files and databases from R1Soft, click here.