Nameservers and IPs

If you have your own domain name and would like to host it at you can use our nameservers below:

Please be aware that when you update the nameservers for a domain, it may take 24-72 hours for the change to take effect. This period is called DNS propagation.

Mail Servers

Your incoming and outgoing server are both (for non-SSL) or (SSL installed) where is the name of your domain name. You can use above configuration settings for all your mail servers: POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

Custom Nameservers

You can setup your own custom nameservers for branding purposes. Simply create a custom entry and point your domain at our public nameservers. For example:

SSL Installation

In the past, a dedicated IP is required for SSL installation. This is no longer the case as our servers now support SNI technology, which is an extension of TLS protocol.

Need to Know More?

Research shows that only 28% of the average internet users read a webpage with more than 593 words. We will therefore keep everything short, simple and straightforward.

If you need to know more, please check out our knowledge base, our social media pages or just contact us directly. We're friendly! :)